Equal opportunities and responsibilities in the implementation of the European Green Deal
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ISBN 978-92-895-1170-4
DOI 10.2863/718117
74 p.
The European Green Deal (EGD) provides an over-arching strategy to transform the EU economy and society towards a climate neutral position by 2050, backed by a Roadmap to convert strategic intentions into actions and positive outcomes. At the same time the EU has a raft of policies that cover gender equality (the EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025) as well as equal opportunities for a range of societal groups (including Roma, migrant communities, and disabled people). The study shows that the nexus between these two key policy strands tackling the effects of climate change and equal opportunities remains weak; the EGD for example has no explicit reference to gender or equal opportunities. The Committee of the Regions (CoR) seeks to address this, notably through its own initiative opinion on Gender equality and climate change: towards mainstreaming the gender perspective in the EGD



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