Living and working in Europe 2021 [2021 Yearbook]
Burke, Helen (Auteur)
Document électronique
ISBN 978-92-897-2262-9
DOI 10.2806/880965
Luxembourg : Eurofound, 2022
108 p.
The COVID-19 pandemic continued to be a defining force in the lives and work of Europeans for a second year in 2021, and Eurofound continued its work of examining and recording the many and diverse impacts across the EU Member States. Living and working in Europe 2021 provides a snapshot of the changes to employment, work and living conditions in Europe, as gathered by Eurofound's research activities in 2021. This yearbook also summarises the Agency's findings on other challenging aspects of social and economic life including gender equality in employment, wealth inequality and labour shortages that will have a significant bearing on recovery from the pandemic, resilience in the face of the war in Ukraine, and a successful transition to a green and digital future. Eurofound's research on working and living conditions in Europe provides a bedrock of evidence for input into social policymaking and achieving the Agency's vision 'to be Europe's leading knowledge source for better life and work'.



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